Classic NYC reimagined— 
the Fetner way.

Sustainability- this way

266 West 96th is designed to meet WELL and EGC standards for healthy and sustainable living.

Familiar and friendly. Welcoming and warm.

It’s been far too long since something new arrived on the Upper West Side. So we set out to create something energizing. Something vibrant. Something that not only enriches the neighborhood, but transforms it. And this is not just any new building. It’s a groundbreaking residence that promises an entirely fresh way of living.

Meet the
Fetner team.

Passionate. Innovative. Leading the charge in NYC real estate, generation after generation. Meet the team who goes above and beyond to make Fetner an industry best.

Built to last.

With 65+ years in the business, we’re a family-owned and managed team with a proven, unmatched track record—but we never sleep on it. We put a personal touch on everything we do, and we’re genuinely engaged on a human level. Whether it’s as advisors, owners, managers, or developers, we strive to stay active and present in this city and are always prepared to roll our sleeves up to go the extra mile for our residents. Fetner is more than a custom fit—it’s a perfect match.

Inspired by the past. Crafted for the future.

Perhaps the most unique distinction here: the building’s heritage. The foundation of this building was once one of the original substations for the NYC subway system. So when it came to designing its role as a residence, we were determined to ensure it felt native to the community.

Numerous elements of the original architecture have been preserved and refreshed, all the while balancing each historic choice with a modern sensibility. From reviving the original entryway silhouette to giving the original cartouche fittings new life, there are numerous surprising details to discover.